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in with budget and energy and commerce and upton. what you're going to see is going forward is paul ryan's fingers will be on any potential deal that could emerge between speaker boehner and president obama. and that's actually very important for speaker boehner because despite the loss that paul ryan had on a national level, he still has a considerable amount of clout within the house republican conference where a lot of folks will look towards where ryan goes. if ryan votes yes, that gives them enough cover to vote yes on a deal. >> the republican house conference seems to be operating in an alternative universe because mr. ryan told abc that the president didn't have a mandate. rather, he and his house gap gop have one. he said i think the ideas we talked about, i think they're popular ideas. did the election not happen? >> when they say they're popular ideas, they believe that -- >> that the electorate dismissed them and did not vote for them. >> but they believe that the issue of the debt is still one that they're very strong on, that people do not like to have the $16 trillion debt
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1